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  • Autor: ANNA SEWELL
  • Editorial: PENGUIN
  • Fecha de salida: 2007
  • Descargado: 6164

A timeless classic, this wonderfully evocative account of the joys and tribulations of a noble-hearted horse is one of the best loved of all animal stories Black Beauty is handsome and spirited, with a sweet temper. When he is four years old he is sold to a new owner who gently breaks him in. He is no longer free to gallop around the fields yet there is happiness and adventure amung the harJship as his situation changes from being a carriage horse on a country estate to a cab horse in town. At the same time he is aware that his well-being and future fate depend very much on the kindness or cruelty ofhis various masters. The author’s only book, Black Beauty was a huge success when it was first puhlished in 1877. Its exposure ofthe ill-treatment of horses at the hands oftheir owners’led to a change in people’s attitudes towards horses and domestic animals in general.



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