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  • Editorial: ELECTA SPA, 2004
  • Fecha de salida: 2004
  • Descargado: 3983

Among contemporary Portuguese architects there is a large group whose members, while trained or influenced by Alvaro Siza, have embarked on an independent line of common research; one of these is E. Souto de Moura (b.1952). This monograph presents the designer who has combined great attention to the `principle of settl ement` with a respect for local architecture, expressed through the use of natural materials. Souto de Moura transforms the figurative elements of classical architecture using a modern sensibility. A minimalist approach and the discreet use of local materials are the essential components of his activity. Among his best known projects: the Municipal Market in Braguita (mil novecientos ochenta-ochenta y cuatro), the cultural centre for the S.E.C. at Oporto (mil novecientos ochenta y uno-noventa y uno), houses at Miramar (mil novecientos ochenta y siete-noventa y uno) and Alcanena (mil novecientos ochenta y siete-noventa y dos), the patio houses at Matosinhos (mil novecientos noventa y tres-noventa y nueve) and the Portuguese pavilion at the Hannover Expo dos mil with Siza (mil novecientos noventa y nueve). Essays by the authors, along with an interview with Siza, F. T&@224;vora, and Souto de Moura himself, introduce the architect`s work. …  


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