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  • Editorial: ROUTLEDGE
  • Fecha de salida: 2005
  • Descargado: 8675

Introducing students to the product management process, this revised and updated second edition gives an insight into the operations and practices used by retailers to achieve their product strategy objectives. Blending theoretical approaches from a number of management perspectives, including marketing, purchasing and logistics, this text illustrates the breadth of knowledge needed for this complex managerial task. Including photos, figures, tables and conceptual diagrams, this book also examines the practical elements of product management. It incorporates significant new chapters and integrates discussions on the relationship between the product and its selling environment, and the overall retail brand. Building on the foundations of the highly successful first edition, this book uses a broad range of up-to-date case studies and practical examples from a variety of retail sectors to give a clear and concise introduction to retail product management.



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