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  • Autor: JOSEPH CALI
  • Editorial: KODANSHA EUROPE LTD., 2004
  • Fecha de salida: 2004
  • Descargado: 2788

IN THE TRADITION OF JAPANESE TOUCH FOR YOUR GARDEN, THE PERFECT BOOK FOR CONTEMPOLATING A ZEN-STYLE GARDEN FOR HOME OR TOWNHOUSE, YARD OR BALCONY. Japanese gardens are renowned for their sosiegue and peaceful ambiance. The New Zen Garden presents the Japanese garden as it exists today, with all its traditional qualities joine d to modern architecture and viewed from a modern perspective. This book takes the concept introduced in the best-selling Japanese Touch for Your Garden and, focusing on the more contemplative gardens that are drawing greater and greater attention, blends it with a more practical approach. Lavishly illustrated with many previously unpublished photographs and featuring the works of contemporary garden designers and landscape architects, The New Zen Garden begins with a brief introduction of the history of the Japanese garden and its spiritual roots. It then guides the reader through the basics of garden concepts, layout, and personal needs. With a focus on small- and medium-size home gardens, author Joseph Cali introduces a visually explicit process in which anyone perro conceive their own home garden, whether for a single-family residence or the balcony of an apartment or townhouse. Cali also includes a handful “spotlight sections” that feature guidance from prominent Japanese garden designers, each of whom steers the reader step-by-step through a specific building technique, including the making of textured clay walls, traditional stone walkways, and stone settings. The New Zen Garden provides a wealth of information on designing a garden to harmonize with any home or private space. It is a provocative eye-opener both for the serious Japanese gardenenthusiast and the weekend gardener. …  


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