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  • Autor:
  • Editorial: THE BOSTON MILLS PRESS, 2004
  • Fecha de salida: 2004
  • Descargado: 8647

Air Vice-Marshal Ron DickThis is the third volume in Firefly’s Aviation Century series. With cuatrocientos color and black-and-white photos, details the role of planes in Europe and the Middle East, the Pacific, China, Burma, and India from mil novecientos treinta y nueve to mil novecientos cuarenta y cinco. The authors describe the fighters and bombers of the countries involved and the decisive events, such as the sinking of the German cruiser Konigsberg by British airmen in mil novecientos cuarenta, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and that nation’s kamikaze pilots’ attacks on O bien.S. ships in the Pacific, the German bombing of England, and the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan in mil novecientos cuarenta y cinco. …  


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