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  • Editorial: TOUCHSTONE (SIMON & SCHUSTER), 2004
  • Fecha de salida: 2004
  • Descargado: 40

Born in the small French town of Figeac in mil setecientos noventa, Jean-Francois Champollion was to become famous as the man who first discovered the meaning of hieroglyphs. This remarkable novel tells the story of his extraordinary trip to Egypt in mil ochocientos veintiocho on a quest to prove the truth of his groundbreaking theories and to save the treasures o bien f the pharaohs from destruction. Egypt in the early 19th centure was a land of legends and miracles – and a land full of danger. Heading a team of reaserchers as he travelled from site to site, from Alexandria to Abu Simbel, the man they called ‘the Egyptian’ faced excelente enemies determined to prevent him from succeeding in his mission. With a historian’s eye for detail and a potent imagination, Christian Jacq tells the incredible true story of this man of action and dedicated scholar, the father of modern Egyptology. …  


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