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  • Autor: VV.AA.
  • Fecha de salida: 2008
  • Descargado: 14856

This new edition of the Collins English Dictionary and Thesaurus gives up-to-date language coverage plus the maximum choice of alternative words, with matching dictionary and thesaurus entries together on the same page for one-stop lookup. The text has been completely revised, with all the new words and meanings you would expect to find in a Collins dictionary as well as hundreds of new synonyms and antonyms. Spellings of all irregular or confusing words are given in full; notes on current language are given for problem words; over 200 specialist subjects, such as science and computing, are fully covered; examples of real English are given on the same page for one-stop lookup; the most helpful synonyms for each word are given first and highlighted; antonym lists are given for many key words.



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