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  • Autor: DOLORS GUIX
  • Fecha de salida: 2008
  • Descargado: 9628

 Serra i Joaniquet, Pili; Guix i Feixas, DolorsThis text discusses cooperative learning, and does so by giving a vision closely linked to schools and classroom practice in contexts very close to the readers and readers who are sure to use this book. In this sense, the work undertaken by Dolors Guix and Pili Serra should be very useful. However, the practical nature of this book should not make us swallow a incorrect instrumental vision of cooperative learning, as if it were composed of dubious techniques, when in fact it is much more than that: cooperative learning is a way of understanding the relationships and the approach of children and teachers to the environment, to knowledge and to culture, which entails the adoption of a cooperative perspective of coming to terms with the changes that are generated, going beyond the way of teaching. The changes, if we truly adopt that perspective, affect classroom culture and learning atmosphere in its fullest sense.



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