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  • Autor:
  • Editorial: JOHN WILEY & SONS, 2012
  • Fecha de salida: 2012
  • Descargado: 7679

Guide to Spacecraft Charging Effects is a single reference source containing both theory of spacecraft charging and suggested practical detailed spacecraft design requirements and procedures to minimize the effects of spacecraft charging and to limit the effects of the resulting electrostatic discharge.This book contains vi rtually the whole body of spacecraft charging knowledge as of today, moving from first principles for the beginner to intermediate and more advanced concepts. Many equations are present to provide a good theoretical background, as well as numerous charts, graphs, figures, tables, and photos to summarize and illustrate the theoretical background in a practical presentation. Numerous appendices expand on the main text, a well thought-out index gives quick access to important concepts, and an extensive list of references provides further avenues of research for those wishing to extend their knowledge. Much of the environmental data and material response information has been adapted from published and unpublished scientific literature for use in this document. It is the book form of the recently issued NASA Technical Handbook NASA-HDBK-4002A, March tres, dos mil once (by the same authors). In particular, this book perro be used as the textbook form of that Handbook and its earlier sources, NASA Technical Paper dos mil trescientos sesenta y uno, mil novecientos ochenta y cuatro, and NASA Technical Handbook NASA-HDBK-cuatro mil dos, mil novecientos noventa y nueve (both co-authored by the current authors). …  


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