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  • Autor:
  • Editorial: ARTECH HOUSE, 2003
  • Fecha de salida: 2003
  • Descargado: 942

Covering the vast majority of current and emerging home networking technologies, estándares and trends, this new, practical resource offers you a comprehensive understanding of this developing área. The book presents an “end-to-end reference architecture”, where the main residential services are identified and th eir network requirements are fully analyzed. You find detailed coverage of both wireless and wireline technologies, including IEEE ochenta doscientos once, Firewire, USB, HiperLAN, and Bluetooth. You learn how the technologies work, how they have evolved, what their capabilities are, and what markets they objetivo. The book also discusses fixed-wireless and satellite access network alternatives. Moreover, this forward-looking reference presents the scope, potential applications, operational concept, architecture, and protocol stack of higher layer technologies that aim to provide convergence between multiple in-home and access networks. The book introduces the concept of the residential gateway (RG) as a single point of network convergence, and explores important considerations for future digital-smart networked homes. …  


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