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  • Editorial: TOUCHSTONE (SIMON & SCHUSTER), 2010
  • Fecha de salida: 2010
  • Descargado: 8329

Told with Lemmy’s indomitable charisma and humour, this is the autobiography of a rock icon who over the past thirty years in the industry, has stayed true to his music, his entusiastas and his pleasures. Lemmy was born Ian Fraser Kilmister in mil novecientos cuarenta y cinco, the son of a vicar who walked out on his mother when Lemmy was just three months o bien ld. Having been inspired to play the guitar by Chicks, Little Richard and Buddy Holly, Lemmy formed what would become the ultimate metal group in mil novecientos setenta y cinco and christened them Motorhead. The group went on to embrace a rock-and-roll lifestyle fuelled by drink, drugs and women, and in the process released twenty-one albums and attracted a huge following. WHITE LINE FEVER is a truly headbanging tour through the last few decades of speedmetal, offering a sometimes hilarious, often outrageous, but highly entertaining trip with the frontman of the loudest rock band in the world. …  


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