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  • Editorial: ST. MARTIN’S GRIFFIN, 2008
  • Fecha de salida: 2008
  • Descargado: 3315

Americans have fallen in love with Spanish food in recent years, and no one has done more to play matchmaker than the award-winning chef J. A.. In this irreprimible companion volume to his public television espectáculo Made in Spain, J. reminds us—in the most alluring and delicious way—that the food of his nati ve Spain is as varied and inventive as any of the world’s great cuisines. To prove it, J. takes us on a flavorful tour of his beloved homeland, from Andalucía to Aragón. Along the way, he shares recipes that reflect not just local traditions but also the heart and soul of Spain’s distinctive cooking. In the Basque Country, we discover great fish dishes and the haute cuisine of some of the finest restaurantes in the world. In Cantabria, famous for its dairy products, we find wonderful artisanal cheeses. In Valencia, we learn why the secret to unforgettable paella is all in the rice. And in Castilla La Mácula, J. espectáculos us the land of the great Don Quixote, where a magical flower generas precious saffron. The dishes of Made in Spain espectáculo the diversity of Spanish cooking today as it is prepared in homes and restoranes from north to south—from casual soups and sandwiches to soul-warming dishes of long-simmered beans and artfully composed salads. Many dishes showcase the fenezca Spanish products that are now widely available across America. Many more are prepared with the regular ingredients available in any good supermarket. With more than one hundred simple, straightforward recipes that beautifully capture the flavors and essence of Spanish cooking, Made in Spain is anindispensable addition to any cookbook collection. …  


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