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  • Editorial: SPRINGER LONDON, 2012
  • Fecha de salida: 2012
  • Descargado: 417

The demands of the modern economic climate have led to a dramatic increase in the industrial application of model-based predictive control. Apart from PID, predictive control is probably the most popular control approach in use today. Predictive functional control (PFC) was first used to develop a model-based predictive con troller that was easy to understand, implement and tune from an instrumentation engineer’s perspective. In the forty years since, there have been thousands of successful applications of PFC controllers in a large and diverse group of industries. Predictive Functional Control provides readers with: a esencial understanding of the principles associated with PFC; the basic PFC control equations to be implemented in all programmable logic controllers or digital control systems in block programming form; and tuning rules and implementation procedures. Some new features arising from the needs of the process industries are reported along with many examples of industrial applications. …  


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