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  • Autor: VV.AA.
  • Fecha de salida: 2014
  • Descargado: 14804

The hospitality design become art.
Restaurants and bars offer architects and designers the opportunity to join in their fun designs and style: the aesthetics and functionality are combined to create an environment, an environment that not only makes a difference, but also get the customer back to the establishment . The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards (the only prizes awarded in hospitality design worldwide) was created to recognize the importance of this particular field and are granted to local food and exceptional beverages on the planet. Every year competing candidates from diverse sectors: hotels, offices, transportation, industries, fine dining restaurants, education, sports and leisure, healthcare, public buildings, aviation, cruise, local retail … A jury composed by design professionals, hospitality and lifestyle is responsible for evaluating each candidate.

Divided into five chapters (America, Asia, Australia, Europe and Middle East), the book highlights 100 establishments from those proposed by the jury. Each chapter features introductory texts of experts and juries, such as Tony Chambers (Chief Wallpaper * editor) and designer Karim Rashid, and a preface by Marco Rebora, creator of these awards.

The pages devoted to each local include:

Numerous photographs
A fact sheet with information on location, name of architect / designer, project cost and dimensions
A text that describes the project, the challenges presented and the solution provided
Information about architect designer
Specialties and useful data



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