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  • Autor:
  • Editorial: ANDRE DEUTSCH, 2003
  • Fecha de salida: 2003
  • Descargado: 2798

Barnett, DavidWhen they appeared on the British rock scene in the early 1990s—a bastard fusión of the Smiths and Ziggy Stardust—some called them “The Best New Band in Britain.” At the time, the group—based around flamboyant vocalist Brett Anderson and guitarist Bernard Butler—hadn&r squo;t released one note of music. What followed was an eponymous álbum that was to become the fastest–selling debut in British musical history, as well as a decade of narcotic excess, redemption, and fantastic pop music. Now fully updated to include the inside story of the band’s decision to split and Brett’s new solo ventures, Suede: Love and Poison traces the scarcely credible story of a band that went to hell and back. …  


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