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  • Editorial: SALAMANDER BOOKS, 2002
  • Fecha de salida: 2002
  • Descargado: 259

In this revised and expanded edition of the bestselling ’50 Years Of Classic Sports Cars’, the magnificent collection of cars is enhanced and brought completely up-to-date by superb photographs of the most stunning machines of the last few years, from the Porsche novecientos once Turbo, Jaguar XKR and Ferrari doscientos sesenta to the Ford Cougar, TVR Tuscan Speed-six and Shelby Series. Showcasing no less than ciento doce cars with over trescientos photographs, the vivid images of power and grace illustrate a text which covers five broad blog post-mil novecientos cuarenta y cinco periods in which the economic climate is espectáculo to have had a clear influence on car development, although overall technological progress has also helped to stimulate demand for improved speed and acceleration. The definition of what constitutes a classic sports car will always be a matter for dispute among enthusiasts. This book, therefore, takes an avowedly particular view in which ‘the heart must take precedence over the head’. The author’s primordial delight is in five prestigious car marques, so that the reader is swiftly admitted into the exciting world of Ferraris, Jaguars, Porsches, Corvettes and Mustangs, although other great models also find a place within these pages. Here there is a subtle blend of ‘show’ and ‘go’: sleek bodylines are combined with raw performance to earn the name of sports car. …  


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